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Your rights to compensation - (Rail)

Was your train delayed, late or cancelled? You may be entitled to compensation of up to £300 per passenger per month.
Your rights are protected under the UK law passenger charter set out for train operator companies.


Easy to Claim in 3 minutes

It's very easy to claim back compensation due to you. Just complete the one time form on the Traindco site and let our claim handlers do the rest with no fuss to you. It just takes 3 minutes.


National Rail Conditions of Carriage

The National Rail Conditions of Carriage set out the minimum levels of compensation if you are delayed by a late-running or cancelled train but in practise the vast majority of operators pay more than that.


As a minimum, if you are one hour late at your destination, you are entitled to:

  • Single ticket, or return ticket if both legs are delayed - 50% of the price paid
  • Return ticket with delay on outward or return journey - 50% of the price paid for the relevant part of the journey.
  • Season Ticket - details of arrangements for Season Ticket holders are set out in each Train Company's Passenger's Charter


Two types of compensation scheme are in place which are generally more than the minimum set out above. They are:

  • Some train companies still operate the original Passenger's Charter compensation scheme. The levels of compensation vary between train companies, as do the minimum qualifying periods. Full details are shown in each Company's Passenger's Charter. The companies are not obliged to pay compensation if the delay was caused by events outside the railway's control: e.g. severe weather, vandalism or when emergency services close the line. But some may.
  • An increasing number of train companies now operate the 'Delay Repay' scheme. Under this you are entitled to compensation each time you are delayed at least 30 minutes, regardless of the cause. The level of compensation may increase in line with the length of the delay. You must claim - it is not paid out automatically. Details on how to claim will be on the train company's website in its Passenger's Charter.


In all cases:

  • you must claim within 28 days of completing the journey;
  • send the ticket for that journey with your claim. No ticket often means no compensation;
  • compensation is usually paid in rail vouchers but if you prefer another method then request it. Some companies do undertake to pay compensation in cash;


See the National Rail Conditions of Carriage here.
See the National Rail supported Train Operating Companies here.

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